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Toilet Paper Tube Dolls

A few weeks ago, after listening to what felt like hours of complaints of boredom, we pulled out the craft bin and the kids and I came up with these cute toilet paper tube dolls.


We used toilet paper tubes, sharpies, scissors, a hole puncher, yarn, hot glue gun, fabric scraps and ribbon.

Lincoln made an alien by adding many plastic googly eyes, pipe cleaner arms and legs, and pom poms. Unfortunately, his little alien friend did not survive the rough play of a six year old boy long enough for me to get a picture of it.

Next time we will try making cars out of the tubes.

  • Grandma Henke

    Very ingenius use of whoo-ers.

  • Shantel

    How do you come up with this stuff? How do you get your kids to do it? 🙂 I really think they are so cute that I want one!

  • Jana

    I truely am amazed that you come up with such great ideas. They are totally cute. i wish we could have seen the allien. It sounds like it was pretty cute too.

  • whim

    Thank you, I can’t take total credit for it. I have seen patterns before for printouts of patterns for dolls that you can cut out and wrap around and glue to the tube, but I wanted it to look more homemade than that.

    Shantel – My kids love to do it, but Anna needed quite a bit of help with hers so it wasn’t one I could just throw out and let them do on their own. I ended up tying the yarn hair on for all of them, but they punched the holes and did all the coloring and cut out their own fabric. I helped them use the glue gun to put it on. I might have to let them do it all on their own next time and see what they come up with!

  • What an adorable idea!!!!

  • Maryanne

    Totally cute! The faces look professional – you are quite the artist!

  • Trish

    I love this idea! We’re going to have to try it! Thanks!