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Too Observant

Kai was in a silly mood today and had a really hard time nursing because he would giggle every time he caught my eye.  Or every time he didn’t.  He just couldn’t be serious long enough to get full.  So he would start. stop. start. stop.

I didn’t realize Anna was watching the process until she said, "I don’t think he likes the taste of your privacies anymore."

  • I love this … it reminds me of Leslee’s “pillows”. Gordy had a fit when he saw the new baby eating his pillows.

  • Hi, I just had to stop by and meet you. I LOVED your comment on Rocks in my dryer about blog pet peeves…and women not always being real.

    I had to come visit a real blogger.

    Joanne :O)

  • Haha! Now that was great.

    I must say, I give you nursing mothers big kudos. It takes dedication. I am amazed at times that Jody sticks with it….

  • whim

    Brandon, I have to admit that several times with our newest addition I have almost quit. He has been a lot tougher. I am glad I have stuck with it though. When you have older kids there is also the temptation of bottle feeding because they can help with that!

  • ROFL!!! That was hilarious!!
    And good for you for sticking with it!! Nursing your baby is such an important event and so many moms don’t even give it a chance. Kudos!!!!

  • That was so funny 🙂 So funny!
    I found your blog off of Life in the Cove