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"Mom, do you have any treasure?"

"Yes, Anna, my beautiful children are my treasure.

"Oh…that’s nice.  My treasure is my make-up."

  • Sweet Anna Lynn … I’m glad she loves her makeup! My treasure is my children too.

  • Maryanne

    Don’t you just love having GIRLS! She’ll probably still be saying the same thing about her make-up when she is 14 so get used to it! ; )

    Kids say the funniest things, and I just love it (usually) )! We’ve got to have something to keep us entertained! Today my husband bore his testimony in church and when he returned to our seat, our 3-year-old said (actually more like yelled) “Great job Dad, great job!”

  • whim

    Oh, I love that! I think three and four year olds say the greatest things.