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Wanna Know Something I Love About Young Kids?

They don’t even notice that they are watching the fireworks through a busy intersection, over a casino, with a big Days Inn sign, a stoplight, and a street light blocking their view.


They just “ewwww” and “awwww” as if they are on the front row of the stadium and give you a big hug and kiss for taking them to see the fireworks.

Oh.  And they believe you when you say, “Wasn’t that a fun 4th of July!?  What should we do tomorrow on the 5th?”

Except for the seven year old. 


  • Fireworks to a child are spellbinding … I can still remember the feeling as a child. Sometimes we were pretty far from them … but I did prefer the park. We didn’t make it this year. We watched them on TV

  • Maryanne

    Seven? Just wait until they are 19, 17, and 13! Then you’ll see how picky they can get. “We’re going to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner?! No way. We want to go to Royal India!” (Royal India – about 3x the price of Sweet Tomatoes. Sigh….)