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Well In That Case…Come On In!

-Bathroom door starts to open-

Me: Go out! I am not dressed!

Anna: That’s okay, I don’t care.

Me: Well, I do! I will be out in a minute.

-door starts to open again, this time by a different child.

Me: Can I have a minute!? I am NAKED…please do not come in yet.

Luca: It’s okay mom. We see dad’s butt crack all the time.

  • Oh, that’s priceless!

  • Maryanne

    Waahhh….TMI,TMI! *tee hee*

  • whim

    Maryanne, I know…definitely TMI, but I did ask permission before posting it!

  • I think you wrote it, posted it, submitted it to Google and Yahoo and then said, “Hey, does this look ok?”