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What Happens When You Interrupt A Mom While She Is Cleaning

Anna: Mom, will you get me some milk?

Me: Just a minute, let me finish washing these dishes.

Anna: Mom, will you PLEASE get me some milk?

Me: I told you I want to finish this first.

(thirty seconds later)

Anna: Mom, can you get me some milk now?

Me: hold on!

(45 seconds later)

Anna: Mom, I am sooo thirsty and I really need my milk now.


(a minute after handing her a cup)

Anna (laughing hysterically): MOM! You gave me Diet Coke!!

Me: huh?

Anna: And I even drank some!

Me: What? Huh?…..Oops. hehe.

(five minutes later..after drinking the Diet Coke so I could refill her cup with milk)

Anna: Mom, when I burp it tastes like Diet Coke.

  • Sounds just like me when I’m pregnant…

  • That was a funny moment I was lucky enough to share.

  • hehehe we’ve gotten really lax lately and allowed our older kids to have a little of our “grown up” sodas. you’d think it was Christmas day in our house. they think it’s the coolest thing.

  • ROFL! That’s awesome. Good thing you aren’t a beer drinker!

  • Meagan

    I can so relate to that story! Your blog is always good for a smile. 🙂