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What Is Spread Across My Family Room Floor Right Now?


Piles of chocolate candy.

chocolate pile

Starburst piles.


Piles of suckers.

sucker pile

And the pile of packages that contain more than one piece of candy.

candy pile

In another hour they will all be rearranged into different categories.

  • LOL, Ethan came home with this gigantic bag-ful of candy and he did the exact same thing.

  • Brett’s girls did that on my living room floor on Halloween night … 4 sacks full! Robert left before he had to do that, lol.

  • Aubree

    sorting candy was one of the best parts =)

    man, i wish i wasn’t too old to go trick or treating…

  • Jana

    This year we were at a wedding for Halloween, but they had lots of candy for all the kids, so our ride home (from Denver, Colorado) was a doozie. The kids had candy wrappers all over the Taho. Luckly, the candy is all gone, and I don’t have to hide it from kids or myself. 🙂

  • Better sorting than eating. 🙂

  • Ann

    Tally up the fortune you had spread on your floor that night. Wow! I had to float a loan to do handouts in our neighborhood …. but it is a fun time for the kids that’s for sure.