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While Cuddling With Lincoln

“Mom, do cavemen ever take baths?”

“Mom, how many people are in the whole world?  I think there are one hundred and fifty eight thousand…plus one more than that.”

pirate lincoln

Giving me his best pirate impersonation.  Dirty face and all.

“Mom, what does it feel like to be a baby in your mom’s tummy?”  (I answered this by having him curl up in a ball and I wrapped my arms around him and held him tight in a spoon position.  He said it felt good.)

“Could I breathe under water when I was a baby in your tummy?”

“Mom, who was the goodest at the library today?  Just tell me.  I won’t tell Anna or Luca.”

“Mom, how many nickels am I going to get for rubbing your feet.  I don’t even care.  I am just doing it because I love you.  But how many will I get?” (two)

“When you say I am done rubbing your feet I am going to rub them for five minute more and you don’t even have to give me more nickels.”

So after a few more questions he started another one with, “Mom…” and I couldn’t resist teasing him by saying, “Yep, I am still here and I am still listening.  STILL the mom!”  He got the giggles so hard he couldn’t ask me another question because he couldn’t do it without saying “mom” first.  Which lead to much giggling from both of us every time we looked at each other. 

I love cuddle time!

  • I love how he prefaces each question with “Mom…I have to ask you something” even when you’re the only person around. When I’m left to tend him I can’t get a lot of work done because he’s peppering me with question after question and he won’t accept simple answers either.

  • He is a unique little boy. I think he is the champion question asker in the entire family … and I love when he gets the giggles.