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While Cutting Her Hair

I cut my daughter’s hair tonight. I was scared to do it, but Luca told me she wanted it short and I decided I better jump at the opportunity because I have hoped she would want to try a shorter haircut, but I knew she had been growing it out for awhile.

I was really nervous to cut her hair. I have trimmed it a couple of times before, but I have never really changed the style.

I don’t make very even ponytails and I have tried and failed to French braid her hair more times than I can count. I really wasn’t the best choice for the job, but she told me she wanted me to be the one to do it so I did.

We dragged a chair to the bathroom and for an hour, maybe more, and I cut, sweated and tried to keep myself from picking up the phone to make an emergency phone call to my friend who is trained and licensed to cut hair.

We talked about school starting and how excited she is to be in the same class as several of her friends.

We talked about her fun day with some friends at the Museum of Flight.

Kai got into the bathroom closet and opened and handed Luca a tampon.

“What’s a tampon and what do you do with it anyways?” she asked.

(deep breath) It was time.

So we had the talk and it went rather well. She didn’t blush or get embarrassed and she had plenty of questions to ask.

This led to questions about whether I thought she would have smaller or larger breasts than mine when she was older.

“I just hope they are big enough to feed my babies”, she sighed.

I very maturely slipped into the other room for a minute so she wouldn’t see me laughing.

She was so patient with me as I had her turn her head one way and then the other. Then I would tell her to put her chin on her chest. Again! She held still and only wiggled when she had to brush the itchy hair off of her arms and neck.

We laughed about how we went to get school shoes for the kids today and after measuring their feet discovered that her and her five year old sister now wear the same size.

“She is going to have bigger feet than me by the end of the year!” she exclaimed.

“Well, you will get to see what it is like to wear HER hand me downs for a change!” I answered.

Her hair turned out fine despite my worries. I could have set up an appointment for her and got it done better, quicker, and for a reasonable price, but I am glad she wanted me to cut it.

She seemed older and more mature to me tonight as we chatted and giggled while I worked on her hair. I became aware that undeterred by my desire to keep her a little girl, she is growing up whether I like it or not.

“Mooooom!” Anna called out to me from her bed after Luca showed her the shorter style. “Luca wants to get her ears pierced now!”

(moment of anxiety)

One step at at time. 

  • shantelsurvey

    That is really sweet! I'm sure her hair looks great and its good that you didn't shirk from the “talk” now she will have the right idea instead of finding out from uninformed friends.

  • What a sweet mom and daughter moment and you've written about ti so beautifully.

    Funny nursing story – my friend walked in on her young son with his elbow in the baby's mouth. She asked him what he was doing and he informed her that he was feeding the baby.

    • That is hilarious! I love how they love to mimic the nurturing of a baby. All my kids have nursed their dolls or stuffed animals at some point.

  • catherinegrames

    Beautiful moment, Kim. Thanks for sharing! See ya in a few days. Tate got a big grin on his face when I told him that Anna would be in his class! Catherine

  • andrea

    so nice! I want to see a picture of the hair though.
    Love that you had such a good talk. no hairdresser could have done that.

  • Great post Kim!!! i can't wait to see Luca's new hair style. 🙂

  • grandmahenke

    How did I miss this touching post. It made me nostalgic for when you were a little girl and I would take forever to do your hair while we talked. I don't remember you ever asking me what a tampon was though. In fact, how in the heck did you hear about them anyway?

  • likeschocholate

    You are brave! No picture though-what is with that? Just kidding. It is a little easier with boys. We just buzz them. Have a great day!

  • I can't believe I let this one get by me. Let me just say I had no idea the sex talk was coming.
    Thanks for sharing a brilliant moment.