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Whistling A Happy Tune

Sometimes Anna gets a little overlooked.  I will be the first to admit that.

Luca is the oldest and usually the first to do most things.  She is also the first to let you know that she is the first to do things.

Lincoln is very chatty and full of questions and doesn’t really give you the chance to overlook him.

Anna, on the other hand, she does her thing.  She twirls and dances and sings and enjoys almost every minute of her life. 

She is pretty content with what she has.  She didn’t mind that she was always the spectator at four soccer practices and two games each week all spring.  She viewed it as six opportunities a week to run and play at the park.  She lives in the now.

When she gets left out of the plans of the “big kids” she just skips away to find something else to do. 

Well, she now has HER first.  Her claim to fame.  Her special little talent that Luca and Lincoln can’t do yet.



She started whistling while blowing air in several months ago.  She can now whistle while blowing air out, which means by whistling in and out she can pretty much whistle without pausing to breathe. 

When Anna isn’t sleeping, speaking, or eating she is whistling.

The other two have been going nuts trying to figure out how she does it so they can master it themselves.  I kind of hope it takes them awhile and she can continue to be the sole kid whistler in the family.

Recent songs of choice include “Oh, Christmas Tree”, and “We Thank Thee Oh God For A Prophet”.

Keep on whistling girl!

  • Way to go Anna! She deserves her moment of fame and it sounds like she can not only whistle she can change pitches and follow a tune. That is really awesome! That is a darling picture of our confident little girl. I hope she always keeps her cheery attitude and finds fun where it is to be found.

  • Your Anna kid of sounds like my Sara. Loves to play with friends but content most of the time in her own world playing by herself. Last night I spent a couple minutes trying to make contacts using the handheld ham radio while standing at the window in my room. To do this I say something like, “Good evening this is KE7UTN (my call sign) checking the repeater. Is anyone listening tonight?” Sara must have watched and several minutes later my wife came to tell me Sara was wandering around her room by herself with a toy flip phone to her ear saying things like, “Hello, this is GFCO (the group Mandy is involved in) is anyone out there listening?” It is not uncommon to walk by her room to see her in there by herself playing with toys and talking to them or acting as the voice for them so they can talk to each other. Sometimes she has her toys argue with each other and sometimes they do something where she has to discipline them. It’s funny to watch & listen sometimes.

  • ToonBoyDan

    Hey, how ’bout taking a photograph of her showing her bellybutton for the very 1st time?

  • ToonBoyDan

    Hey, how ’bout taking some pictures of her like the 1s where she shows her bellybutton in the living room?