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Who Needs A Doctor? My Kids Will Do.

A few weeks ago Luca received the news that a teacher at school that she adores was diagnosed with breast cancer. The school has been keeping the students and parents updated on her recovery progress and they have started selling bracelets and t-shirts to raise money for her.

This has brought up many questions at our house about cancer. I sat down with the kids and explained as best I could what cancer is and some of the different types of cancer people can get. I have an aunt that passed away from cancer when I was a child and they have had a lot of questions about her and her family.

Today we were at Costco eating dinner and Luca was trying to tell me something.

“What?” I asked.

“I like Taylor’s nseed umph graunge.”

“You like Taylor’s inside garage?”

“NOOOO, I like Taylor’s grnph grouse.”

“You like Taylor’s green grass?”

“NO Mom!! I like this cheese pizza!” (Not even close to what I thought she was trying to say.)


“Mom, I think you need one of those things in your ear.”

Then a worried look passed over her face.

“Or maybe you have ear cancer!”

I assured her that I do not have ear cancer, I just wasn’t hearing her clearly over the noise around us.

Later on in the store I had to go back yet again to get something I had forgotten.

Lincoln looked at me strangely and said, “Mom, do you have brain cancer or something?”

I think in our support and talks about Luca’s teacher and cancer my kids have become a bit obsessed with the topic! I think another, more light-hearted, talk is in order.

  • Grandma Henke

    That’s funny. It’s hard to know how much to tell kids isn’t it. I remember when my kids (you) would ask me of everyone they say, “Is he a stranger? Is she a stranger?” I had told you not to talk to strangers.

  • Lol that is too funny. Sounds like Lincoln and Luca! Hope to see you guys soon again! 🙂

  • Maryanne

    That is hilarious! And sad too – your poor kids are so worried about their mom and her ear cancer! It’s so true that kids will eat up anything we tell them. Their little brain wheels just spin and spin and spin.

  • Jana

    LOL!!! That is way too funny. Kids are so inquizative, and curious. I can’t stop chuckling…

  • At least you know they’re looking out for you.

  • Reminds me of last year when Lily went all obsessive about fire alarms and smoke detectors. Every place we went she was scoping them out and counting them and making me wonder what made her so crazy for them.

  • I’m sorry to hear about the teacher.

    Josie is also very concerned about cancer since I told her that she needs to put on more sunscreen so she doesn’t get a sun burn because each sun burn she gets in her life increase her risk of getting skin cancer. So, she wanted to know what skin cancer was and I tried my best to explain and then regretted ever mentioning it because what followed was a bunch of questions to which I have no answer.