Christmas Tunes

Brett and I love music of all kinds and especially get excited to bring out our Christmas music each year. We have had many favorites over the years. The three albums that have stayed on our regular playlist for the ten Christmas’s we have shared are “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, one called “Smooth Jazz Christmas” that I got about thirteen years ago at the store Welcome Home, and “Fresh Aire Christmas” by Mannheim Steamroller.

This year I have two new favorites (they aren’t new albums, just new to me). The one I have listened to multiple times a day EVERY day since mid November is Jewels “Joy — A Holiday Collection”. It is awesome and her voice is so mesmerizing. My favorite songs on it are Joy to the World and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. You can listen to clips of each song on Amazon.

The other one I have listed to a lot this season is Jim Brickman’s “Peace”. I have to honestly say about this one that I don’t even know that I have listened to the whole cd. I love the song “Do you Hear What I Hear?” so much that I run that one song on repeat a lot of the time. I am sure the whole disc is wonderful, but that song alone makes the album worth the price. I discovered it this year as I was struggling to play the song on the piano from a Jim Brickman songbook I found buried in my closet. I asked Brett to go through our music and see if we had an mp3 of the song so I could hear how it was supposed to sound and he found what turned out to be a different arrangement of it and I fell in love with it. There is also a sample of that song on Amazon.


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