Singing Singing All the Day

My three year old boy, Lincoln, is addicted to Nintendo games. We asked him once if he would like it if we got an xbox like his uncle Warren had and he said, “no. I can play it at his house. I just like Nintendo at home.”

Lincoln has always been a singer and a hummer. When he was 14 months old he would sit in his car seat and hum/grunt nonstop until we got where we were going. It wasn’t until he was about 17 months old when we realized he was hum/grunting songs. My brothers family tended Lincoln and our older daughter Luca for a couple days while I was in the hospital having our third child and then they brought him home Warren said, “He sure knows a lot of songs!” I said, “I don’t know if he knows ‘songs’, but he sure likes to hum to himself.” Warren said, “I heard lots of songs! He hums ‘Twinkle, Twinkle’, ‘A Happy Family’, ‘Do As I’m Doing’, ‘I Am A Child of God’” I didn’t believe him until I paid attention the next time we were driving and sure enough he was grunting the tune of songs with perfect pitch. I had never recognized it because he did it was reeeeeallly slow and, really, the only word to describe what he was doing is “grunting”. The little guy only had a vocabulary of maybe two words at the time.

So back to my first comment about Lincoln and Nintendo. He has now moved onto a whole new set of songs to hum in the car. We have “The Mario dungeon song”, the “Mario not in the dungeon song”, the “Yoshi Song”, the “Princess Peach” song, and the newly discovered “Banjo Kazooie” song. (We just pulled out our old Nintnedo 64 machine and the kids are having a heyday with all the older outdated games)

Sure I would happier if he was singing “Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam” or “Give Said the Little Stream”, but I am just happy that my boy likes to sing and I hope he always does.


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