Windstorm Worries

I have a very unrealistic and exaggerated fear of windstorms. I know it is unrealistic and exaggerated, but it doesn’t help the anxiety that builds as I see the headlines of the approaching storm. It doesn’t keep me from looking out the window every fifteen minutes to see if the trees are swaying any harder than they were earlier. When I see articles like this in the paper it really gets me going! I glanced out into the backyard this morning as I let the dog out and noticed a section of our fence had fallen over in the wind last night and squashed our rhododendron plant that we planted last spring. In my mind, I see the huge oak tree that is a few feet away from the fallen fence blowing over and crashing through the house into our bedrooms that are right in that path of the tree if it were to fall.

I volunteer in my kindergartener’s classroom every Thursday, but after reading that the wind was going to start in the afternoon, my younger children’s lingering colds seemed to immediately seem a lot worse. When I called to let the babysitter know that they had coughs and she mentioned her child had a cold as well I was relieved to know I had an excuse, other than the wind, to not go to the school today.

I already have plans to blow up the air mattress and have a slumber party in our basement tonight!


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