A Simple Rule

Brett and I have been improving our health and lifestyle over the past few months and although I have really enjoyed exercising more and I love the way I feel after I way I feel after I work out…it is still so hard to get motivated to get my butt to the treadmill! I have worked out better this last year then I have since my first year of college (eleven years ago!) when I took a class that basically required us to go to the gym for a certain amount of time each week, but I still have a hard time starting.

I have found the thing that helps me the very most to stick to my goals and get some exercise is soooo simple. I just put my workout on clothes first! It sounds dumb, but 95% of the time if I put my workout clothes on right when I wake up, or right after I put the kids to bed I know I will feel really bad if I get in the shower or go to bed at night without exercising. There is something about taking off my workout clothes and having them still be fresh and clean and unused and putting them back in my drawer that just doesn’t feel good. Some days I am tired and I only do a short workout, but at least it guilts me into sticking to my goal. Some days I get busy and am in sweats and running shoes for a few hours before I start, but that is okay. Once I start I never regret it and I feel much better afterwards. Too bad it took me so many years to figure out what my motivator was!


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