A Puzzling Tradition

I love to do puzzles. I especially love to do puzzles around the holidays. As a little girl I would cover my parents huge dining room table from end to end with finished puzzles between Christmas and New Year’s and I always got a few puzzles as gifts each year.

After I was married I continued doing puzzles at Christmastime and even got Brett to join me a few times. We discovered that our favorite brand of puzzles for quality of pieces and choice of images is Ravensburger. They are cut with a laser so you don’t have a bag full of sawdust when you open them and you never find pieces stuck together and not cut all the way through. I bet we have bought twenty Ravensburger puzzles over the past ten years. (I have to say I didn’t love any of the puzzles I saw on their site, but I always find ones I like at game stores) They also make FX Schmid puzzles, which are our other favorites, and I didn’t know until I found their site that they were one and the same.

My mom sent the kids some Christmas puzzles this week and Luca, Lincoln and I put all three of them (100 pieces each) together this morning and I am sure they will set out on the table for all to admire for a day or two. It was so fun to spend a relaxed morning doing puzzles with the kids as we chatted. There is just something about it that puts me in a good mood and in a state of contentment to sit with someone and visit while we work on a puzzle together. I was really impressed with Lincoln too. He usually sticks to the 24 piece puzzles, but he put together quite a few of the last one we did and he laughed every time he put a piece in. He was so proud of himself.

Good thing Santa picked me up a new puzzle last night! I…I mean he…decided to go with a 500 piece, instead of the 1000 that I usually like so that maybe the kids will be able to help out a little bit. I am looking forward to it!


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