First Goal of the New Year

I have made a goal this next year to send birthday cards to everyone in the family. I know this sounds like something that I should have just been doing all along, but snail mailing things has always been something I have had a hard time with. A lot of times I get so far as to write, address and stamp a card, only to stick it in a drawer and find it six months later.

With the exception of my Mom my family has never been really into sending birthday cards. We usually call to say Happy Birthday or chat about it on messenger, but cards are scarce. Early on in our marriage Brett told me that he preferred to pick up the phone and call the members of his family rather than send a card so I just kind of figured he had it taken care of, but there is nothing wrong with a phone call AND a card!

So I sat down tonight and addressed envelopes to everyone on Brett’s side of the family and stuck cards in them. I filed them in a binder with folders for each month and a calendar with all the birthdays written in. I stuck a pack of stamps in the front and at the start of each month I plan to open it up and sign all the cards and send them off. Tomorrow I will do the same with the members in my family. I hope that this will help me stick to my goal and start a good habit for me!


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