A Conversation You Could Have Heard If Had You Been at My House Today

Brett: “I don’t know anybody else who stores their medicine in a box up high in the hall closet.”

Me: “Who, besides your parents, do you know where they keep their medicine?”


“Ummm, well, my parents never put it in a box in the closet.”

“But maybe some of your friends do?”

(Tries to change the subject)

“Besides, it is the vacuum closet. It is confusing to put medicine in it.”

“I didn’t realize it was JUST the vacuum closet. The vacuum takes up about a square foot (if that) of floor space in a good sized closet. Should nothing go on the shelf up above where the vacuum goes? What about the broom and mop…and the crockpot…should they not be in the vacuum closet?”

“When I was sick last week I went to find some medicine and pulled down a box and rifled through it for ten minutes and it was full of kid’s medicine. I couldn’t find what I needed.”

“That’s because it was the box with only kid’s medicine, the box next to it has only grown up medicine. If you ever look in one of the boxes and see something cherry, grape, or bubblegum you have the wrong box.” (we have been over this before)

“And there was medicine that was outdated in it. I found a couple bottles with dates from 2005.”

“Medicine doesn’t go bad like food. If it is just outdated by a few months or a year you can still use some Tylenol or ibuprofen.”

“Really? You really believe that?”

“Brett, it isn’t milk. It doesn’t spoil.”

“That worries me.”

(No answer from me)

“When I am sick the last thing I want to do is go clear to the closet (which is two steps from the main bathroom and four from the master bedroom) and reach up high and get all dizzy to find medicine.”

“Would you rather I put it under the sink where the kids can reach it?”

“No, but it should be in a medicine cabinet or something. All the medicine I need would fit in my medicine cabinet.”

“Problem solved!! You put all of the medicine you might need in YOUR bathroom medicine cabinet (he has his own bathroom, thus his own medicine cabinet) and the kids and I will keep our medicine nicely organized up out of their reach in the boxes in the hall closet!”

Disgustedly, “Besides, when I pulled the medicine box down the last time a bag of vacuum bags fell on my head.”

Triumphantly, “Well….it is the VACUUM closet!!”


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