Update on the Home Makeover

I have to admit that Brett is the far more organized half of us. The computer room looks so much better and when I get into the closet now I don’t have miscellaneous toys, books, dvd’s, or empty boxes or bags fall on my head. I would post a “before” and “after”, but since I never allowed a “before” to be taken it just wouldn’t have the right effect.

I don’t know if I am grateful or not that he didn’t have time to get to the kid’s room, but the jury is still out on the kitchen. It does look much cleaner and it looks more like some of the kitchens we have walked through in model homes…the kinds where you say, “obviously nobody does or has ever lived here”. If it wasn’t for the ceramic bowl of fresh fruit in the corner on the cabinet I would have wondered if he had moved out while we were gone. It felt great to come home from church today and not have clutter next to the sink or the two extra large “steins” that Brett picked up the last time I was out of town sitting next to the toaster (they don’t fit in ANY of our cupboards…they are that big). I can overlook the three boxes of half empty, but perfectly good cereal I saw in the garbage bin (because they didn’t fit on the “cereal” shelf) because I know they were wasted with good intentions. I am very thankful to all the work it took to clean out the kitchen, and I am more than slightly satisfied that I get to ask Brett questions like “where would I find a can of refried beans?” and, “the glass measuring cups are….?” every time I do anything in the kitchen.

I couldn’t help but bring up the boxes of cereal in the trash last night. Brett replied, “There probably are whole lot of other things I threw away that you won’t be happy with. I don’t care if you take $100 right now and go rebuy anything you need, as long as most of it stays in the garage with the food storage and you only open what will fit in a cupboard in the kitchen.”

I think I will pass on the trip to the grocery store for now. Can I take the $100 to the Supermall instead?


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