Little Fingers at the Piano

Luca starts piano lessons on Thursday and we are both really excited about it. I am so thrilled that she has a desire to learn to play and an excitement about it. I hope it stays with her always! I have taught her a few simple songs the past couple of years and she has picked out the tune to some of her favorite songs and I think she will pick up on it fast. I asked a piano teacher in Ivins, Utah about two years ago at what age she preferred to start students and she said when they are in second grade. I asked a piano teacher here about three months ago what age she prefers to start them and she said the same thing. With Luca’s continued interest in it I asked the teacher if she would make an exception and start Luca earlier. She said if Luca has that strong of an interest it will be fine and she has a couple of other young students.

My sister first taught me to play by helping me memorize the upper or lower part of a song and she would play the other part with me. Then she took me through the first Thompson lesson book and from there I just read through the rest of the books. I don’t remember exactly how old I was, but I would guess I was in the first grade. My mom is an excellent player and she was always there to answer my questions and clap out beats for me to help me along. She tried putting me in lessons once and I lost all interest in playing the piano at all until she took me out again. When I didn’t have any pressure to practice and play what I was told to play I could sit and plunk away for hours.

I will try to remember that with Luca as she has her musical start. She has the same stubborn streak that I have!



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