Finding the Motivation

So I hopped on the treadmill tonight after an eleven day sabbatical of exercise. The next longest break I have had since August was four days. Even though I somehow still managed to lose a couple of pounds (and fit into a size of pants I haven’t been able to wear for over seven years!) I was sure starting to feel flabby! Maybe the feeling of flab was psychological, I don’t know, but I am glad I dragged my tired butt off the couch after my tivo marathon of all of last week’s episodes of Day’s of Our Lives (skipping through to the story lines I like, so not as bad as it sounds). Hopefully I am recovering from two weeks straight of feeling too tired to workout because if felt really good to start back up again.

I think I better go shopping and try new clothes on more often. It is my new motivator. I told Brett that when I reach my goal I am going to go on a hunt for jeans that I love and not even look at the price tags. I have always been a bargain jeans buyer and it might be fun to get a stylin’ new pair from a store not at the outlet mall. Brett better start saving his pennies because I am only ten pounds (and one size!) away and my first stop is Nordstrom!

This is what he got me when I hit my halfway point to my goal. He knows how to encourage me!


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