A Little Drugged Up

I don’t know what it is about Nyquil and me. Everyone else I know can take it and function fine the next day. I took it last night at 10:30 and I stumbled…no, I floated to my bed about 12:30. I slept like a rock until Brett left about 7am and then I was too groggy to get out of bed, but too restless to sleep. I was a little numb through the morning, but I did okay until about the time Luca went to school. I went home and put Anna to bed, told Lincoln he had no limit on his Nintendo playing for the afternoon and set my alarm clock for an hour later, thinking that was all the nap I needed to revive myself. Wrong. After hitting the snooze button multiple times I said, “screw it”, and turned it off completely. (kinda just hoping in the back of my head that I would wake up in time to pick Luca up from the bus) I slept heavily for the next two and a half hours (with a 30 second break to turn Lincoln’s pants right side out so he could put them back on) and woke up with ten minutes to get the kids in the car and drive down to pick up Luca at the bus stop. It has been 25 hours since I took it and I still have a bit of a buzz. I guess that is why I only take it once or twice a year…until the next time I forget what it does to me.

On the same note…the kids all have colds so at 7:30 I gave them all some cold medicine. They were sleeping like rocks by 8:30. This is probably the norm in most households with young children, but these are children of two extreme night owls, and grandchildren of the worst night owl I know. Brett and I were teasing tonight that at the hint of a sneeze, cough, or a tickle in the throat we will be offering the kids some yummy grape stuff in a little plastic cup.

“Want some pepper on your dinner?”


“Whoops, Mom spilled a little, but let’s get you some medicine before that cold gets any worse.”


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