A Little Too Much Information

Okay, maybe I am just a prude, but I had the weirdest experience today with my twelve year old neighbor girl. I pull up into my driveway and start unloading my kids and she comes skipping up my driveway with her nine year old sister in tow.

She says, “Guess what I started yesterday?!”

“Uhhhh, I don’t know what?”

“It starts with a P!”

“Hmmm, piano lessons?”

“I will give you a hint. Blood everywhere”

Then her sister blurts out from behind her, “she started her period!”

After my face turned bright red and I mumbled a congratulations I hurried my kids into the garage and yelled over my shoulder, “gotta go!”

First of all…gross!! I don’t want to hear that! (and you probably don’t either…sorry) Second of all, she says it like I am her twelve year old best friend. I haven’t even seen this girl in months! And third, did you have to say the word “blood”. Ewwwww. I didn’t tell my best friend OR my mom when I was a teenager and it makes me blush to even say that much.

Is this just how it is now? When my girls are adolescents are they going to want to announce it on a marquee?


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