Boston Legal-ized

Brett and I bought the first season of Boston Legal on dvd and loved it. We are waiting anxiously for the second season to come in the mail because the last episode of season one really leaves ya hanging. Anyways, we are so dorky and get excited when we first turn it on and the theme music starts to play. We both start singing “Bow. bow. bow bow bow bow bow bow” along with it. If you haven’t seen the show you have to listen to the link or that makes no sense. So the tune sticks in my head and I sing it to the kids all the time and they are starting to sing it to. I will sing, “Lu. Luc. Lucey luc luc la luc” (to Luca of course) and she will sing back, “What. Mom. Mommy Mom Mom MaMom?” Then I will say, “Go. Get. Rea-dy for schooly-school” and she will answer, “But. What. Am I goi-going to wear. “ You get the picture. (you must be thinking, “this. chicks. ve-ery weird weird-y weird”)



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