Somewhat Back on Schedule

So the kids had a great weekend with Dad while I was gone and I came home to a clean house, clean clothes, my old recycled computer set up for the kids on a new IKEA desk, and four new pictures of the family in new frames hanging on the walls. I was a proud wife!

So the one and only thing I could even find to raise an eyebrow at was somehow Luca’s schedule has gone haywire. I can’t really blame it on Brett considering it was my flight that kept the kids up until 1:30am on Tuesday morning, but Luca came into our room this morning at 3:30 bright eyed and bushy tailed and asked cheerfully, “Mom, can I watch tv!?” I sluggishly turned my head and wiped the drool from my mouth as I grunted, “Yuuueah”. Luckily she only knows how to go to her programs that have been tivo’d for her so I didn’t have to worry about her begging me for a Little Giant Ladder or Proactiv Solutions.

I slept like a log…and I won’t even say what time I finally crawled out of bed to go make some breakfast, but the sun was shining brightly through the living room windows and Elka was ready to go out for the second time (Brett lets her out before he leaves at 7am). I walked through the living room on the way to the kitchen and noticed Animal Crossing was playing on the tv. I walk over and look over the top of the banana chair and there was Luca slumped over with the Nintendo remote in her hands…fast asleep. Later, when I asked her what she wanted for breakfast she informed me, “Oh, Dad already got me breakfast last night before he went to work.” (she thought it was night because it was dark) “He gave me pirates booty, marshmallows, and an apple” (way to go Dad, you got at least one thing that grows in the ground, on a bush, or in a tree!).



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