My New (Sugar-Free) Indulgence

I haven’t been much in the mood to write since I got back from my trip to Utah, but I have discovered something that I just have to rave about. When I was in St. George my Mom and I walked through the outlet and I slipped into the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory while she was in another store. I just wanted to see if they happened to have any sugar free, low-carbish goodies that we could have. They had a BUNCH of stuff in it’s very own little sugar-free case and I spent the next ten minutes reading through the nutritional guide and picking out four pieces each for my Mom and I. I figured we would spread them out throughout the rest of the day and night and would have more than enough. After sitting outside in the sunshine and eating all but one of our chocolates (we had to save at least one thing for the two hour drive to Las Vegas) I decided that I needed to go back in and get a box of chocolates for Brett. So I went in and loaded up on the two that had been my favorite and had them box it up and seal it with a sticker so I wouldn’t sneak into it before I got home. I think I had six mint meltaways and two big peanut butter “buckets”.

Sooooo, two days later I ate the last chocolate out of the box (Brett did get a couple) and for the next five days moped around the house and whined about how I wish I had bought more. I did a search online and found their website and looked up the store locations and what do you know!! There is a store just a block away from the new building that Brett’s work just moved into this last weekend. I put my order in with Brett this morning and I thought it about it ALL day…seriously. He came home with a 2 lb assortment (and $30 less dollars in his wallet) and made me a very happy wife. He got several caramels, which they hadn’t had at the store I went to in Utah and they are sooooo soft and chewy and perfect. He also got one called something like “vanilla caramel chew” that is covered in milk chocolate that was really good too. I decided that since I had gone five days without I could have three pieces tonight and then I need to limit myself to two a day. So tonight I had a vanilla caramel chew, a mint meltaway, a third of a caramel, a third of a peanut butter bucket, and a third of an english toffee. Oh, wait. I had all of the toffee. So I was a little over my limit, but close enough!

So now for the bad news. Sugar Alcohols (maltitol, mannitol, sorbitol, etc.) affect people in different ways and some people can’t handle them at all. I have found that in moderation I do okay, but if I eat too much or eat some for several days in a row I get a bad tummy ache. Sometimes I do it anyways because it is worth it (until I get the tummy ache) and then I just don’t eat it again for awhile to get it out of my system.

I know what I am getting for Valentines Day!



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