Memory Game With A Two Year Old

I decided I needed some one on one time with Anna Lynn this afternoon. She always wants to play games with Luca and I (and Lincoln when we can keep his attention for more than two minutes), but being two years old she likes to create her own rules….which doesn’t usually jive with Luca, who MUST make sure that every player follows the rules EXACTLY.

So when Luca and Lincoln got sidetracked with Mario Party 7 on the Nintendo I decided to pull out a game of Memory. Anna got very excited and helped me sort through to make sure all the cards had their matches and then helped me line them up. We did well for about five turns each and then I realized the game was going to take a big turn. I flipped a card and then flipped another card and happened to get a match.

“No Mom! You can’t have the doll one. That is my favorite. Go again.”

Uhhh…okay. I turned two more cards and didn’t luck out again with another match. Anna Lynn was up again and immediately turned over one of the doll cards. “Hmmmmmm”, she said as she put her finger at the corner of her mouth and tried not to look at the card that was the match. “Where is the other dolly? Hmmmmm…I will try THIS one!” A match for Anna!!!

So my turn comes up next. I turn a card. It is a bear. I turn another card. It is a hotdog. I turn both cards over and tell Anna it is her turn.

“No Mom!” She says excitedly. “You have to find the other bear!” And she proceeds to turn over cards one by one until she finds the other bear and kindly hands me my match. I consider reviewing the rules with her, but then realize that this new way might speed up our game that was set to last at least an hour as we had only each found one match (kinda) and it had already been fifteen minutes.

So the new rules for playing Memory with Anna Lynn is you turn one card and then you turn as many cards as you need to until you find the match and then the next person does the same thing…oh, and if you find a match that you know the other person would really want you just pretend like you didn’t see it and make sure they know where it is when it is their turn.


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