My Ipod Playlists

Brett did well this Valentines Day and surprised me with a pink Ipod Nano and a speaker to plug it into so I can listen to more music, since I don’t love to wear headphones. I have already got a ton of use out of it and don’t know how I did without for so long.

Right after he gave it to me I spent the next couple of hours putting together some playlists and I was thinking about the order I put them together and what music I love most. These are my current playlists: (there are over 500 songs on the Ipod now so I won’t list individual songs!)

“Church” — This was the first one I put together and includes this album, which was a gift from my in-laws and I love it. I particularly like the song “Consider the Lilies of the Field”. I have another Mormon Tabernacle Choir album on this playlist and I have a stack of cd’s to burn so that I can add them as well. I like to play this music on Sunday mornings while we get ready for church or when things have gotten too wild and crazy in the house and we need a little peace.

“Winston” — This was the second playlist I created and includes every single one of George Winston’s albums, including my favorite one “Summer”. Winston is my favorite solo pianist and we never tire of listening to his music. We have been to three of his concerts and he is amazing.

“Bluegrass” — This playlist has almost all the albums by Alison Kraus and Union Station and this album by Nickel Creek. I like to tease Brett that I expanded his music taste from classic rock and instrumental music because I got him into bluegrass and my next playlist artist.

“Chapman” — I remember when I heard and saw my first Chapman song, “Fast Car” on MTV. I thought it was weird, but catchy and over the years I have come to really love her music. We have collected all of her albums and I guess if I had to pick one this would be my favorite…but they are all close! Brett and I went to a concert of Chapman’s in 2000 and it is probably the best concert I have ever been to (with Alison Kraus a close second and Nickel Creek right up there too). I sat mesmerized throughout the entire show. Two and a half hours felt like a half hour and I cried when it was over. We had bought our tickets off a scalper and expected crappy seats, but i don’t think we could have had better seats. We were front row on the side balcony and had a perfect view of everyone on stage. We could have tossed something to her we were so close. The show was at Benaroya Hall and it was beautiful. We were offered $800 for our tickets before we went in and we didn’t even think about selling them!

“Jazz” — This was my third playlist and has turned into one of my most listened to. It includes Joss Stone, Vince Guiraldi, and Norah Jones, among others. Joss Stone is really more soul/R&B, but it kind of gives me the feeling I get when I listen to Jazz.

“Kids” — This one is in progress since I still have some cd’s to burn, but so far it has Jack Johnson (the soundtrack from Curious George). We LOVE to listen to this for any occasion. It is just feel good music and it is hard to be in a bad mood while it is playing. I will soon add this and this and one of the kids favorites.

“Workout” — This playlist is my most eclectic and interesting. I don’t think I have more than three songs from any one artist and I have at least 30 artists on it. It has music that spans four decades and one song from about every genre. It includes, Madonna, Green Day, The Beach Boys, The Dixie Chicks, The Clash, The Pet Shop Boys, Joss Stone, ABBA, Simon and Garfunkel, James Taylor, 311, Jill Sobule, Courtney Love, Sawyer Brown, The Cure, U2…..and many more. Sometimes I have to make my workout longer just so I can hear a few more songs.

“Acoustic” — This playlist includes various acoustic compilations, mostly by Windham Hill. This is one of my favorites. This is another favorite that is put together by Narada.

I have several more I plan on putting together in the next few days which will include a country, pop, classic, lullabies (to play while the kids are going to sleep) and love songs…oh, and even a Dixieland playlist in honor of my mom and my grandpa.



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