Making Pancakes

I was reading through the blogs on one of my favorite sites today and read this fun post about pancakes. We love pancakes and often have them for dinner. We have weaned ourself from Bisquik to whole wheat pancakes with flax seed added for fiber and my kids seem to like them as much as ever.

As I read through the article and saw this pan that makes perfect silver dollar pancakes I felt my heartbeat increase and my palms get sweaty. I HAD to have it! I went to the site and started the checkout process. Then as I started to daydream about whistling as I made perfect pancakes I stole a glance over at the table (in my daydream) and noticed a lack of the usual excitement on my kids faces when I am making pancakes. You see, I make far from perfect silver dollar pancakes and my kids love to call dibs on the “huge one”, the “baby one”, the “one that looks like a cloud”. I think part of the excitement of having pancakes is getting different sizes and shapes each time. Sometimes I even try to be creative like my mom used to be and make a teddy bear or Mickey Mouse ears, but always comes out looking like spilt milk. Needless to say, I didn’t make it through checkout and I saved $30 and a little piece of creativity and fun. (I am going to go make some pancakes now)


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