Budding Artists

While at Barnes and Noble the other day we picked up the book Kids Mandala for the kids to color in. It is full of fun but simple concentric geometric designs that bring out the creative side of any kid. I remember coloring much more complex mandala’s when I was in seventh grade art class and spent hours making them perfect.

Luca has loved this book and has already colored ten or so of the pages, cut them out, and taped them in each room of the house. I decided to get online to see if I could find some patterns to print out to color as well and found a couple of neat sites that we keep going back to for more pictures. One of our favorites was this site. The patters were a bit more complicated than in the book we bought, but still not too hard for a five year old.

From that site we found patterns for these Pysanki Easter Eggs, which were my favorite, and we have printed and colored each of the patterns they offer. I ended up scrunched up on a toddler chair sitting at a table the size of my bathmat coloring for almost two hours after printing these off. Luca cut all of our creations out and taped them on walls around the house to decorate for Easter.

This is another site I found with some interesting designs. They are much more detailed than the others, but for an older child or a young one like Luca that can sit and color for hours they are great.

It was yet another reminder of how sometimes kids get the most enjoyment from the simplest things.


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