Lincoln has a New Favorite Book

The kids and rediscovered the library a couple of weeks ago and decided we are going to go every Monday for story time and to pick out new books. This last week we read through our books quickly and to made a second trip on Friday to restock.

The first story time we went to had a “colors” theme and the book “I Aint Gonna Paint No More” was read. Lincoln had a hard time sitting still for the first two stories that were read, but when this book was read he listened to EVERY word….in fact, all three of the kids did. A couple days after we got home I heard him reciting the words, “I aint gonna paint no more” and was surprised he had remembered the words. The next time we went to the library I told him to go pick his book and he very excitedly said, “I want ‘I Aint Gonna Paint No More!’” I was thrilled he was that excited for ANY book and was happy that they had one available for us to check out. We read it three times at the library, twice again when we got home, and four times today….and he still loves it! The book starts with a mischievous little boy getting in trouble for painting the ceiling/walls/curtains and door. Then his “mama” hollers, “Ya aint a-gonna paint no more!” (my favorite line) The story continues with the boy retrieving the paints high from the closet and painting each part of his body. The story can be sung to the tune of “It Aint Gonna Rain No More”, but we like to read it with accents for the mom and boy. It cleverly ends with a line that brings my kids to fits of laughter. The pictures are very colorful fun and the expression on the boy’s face in each of the pictures is hilarious. His sidekick (a dog) is funny as well and is by the boy’s side throughout the book (even in the tub!). Reading through the reviews on Amazon I can see that a couple moms didn’t appreciate the lack of proper English, but it is all in fun and it didn’t bother me at all.



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