Bringing Me Back With A Free Burrito

A friend and I went to Chipotle for dinner last night. It is the place that I have craved this pregnancy. I already had my mind set on a shredded beef burrito, and as much as Michele tried to convince me to try the tacos I already knew I had to get the burrito to ease my craving. I got up to the counter and placed my order and before they even told me the beef was gone I spotted the empty pan and I felt my heart start to race and my palms get sweaty. They offered me the steak, pork, or chicken and I hesitantly agreed to try the chicken instead. Michele ordered hers and we got an order of chips and salsa to share and each got drinks. My grand total came to $10 and I told her she must have forgotten something because I was expecting it to be more like $18. She said, “nope, that is right. Your burrito is free because we didn’t have what you wanted.” I thanked her and we went to sit down and I told Michele, “That is what brings me back to places like this.” So I got a free burrito and I found out the chicken one is pretty dang good too!

Pillow Talk

The last few weeks has started a new bedtime ritual with our daughters. We tuck them in and go through the kisses, hugs, water, walk on the ceiling routine that happens night after night. Well, one night I came to bed several hours after they had gone to bed and I walk in and I have no pillows on my bed. After searching around the bedroom, living room, and tv room I found all four of our pillows under the girls (along with their two) making a grand total of six pillows on their shared twin bed. Anna was kind of curled up in a cacoon of pillows and Luca had laid her three out long so that she was stretched out on top of all of them. I gently slipped out our four pillows with the white eyelet lace pillow cases and slipped their pillows with the grandma made holiday pillow cases under their heads. As I went to bed I fluffed them up and laid down on the warm pillows and I was slightly irritated that MY routine had been altered and my pillows weren’t right there waiting for me when I was ready to go to bed. I have had pillow issues my whole life and Brett has learned that I always have a favorite pillow and I am not willing to share it in the least bit. I have to have fresh clean pillow cases…preferably white, since they somehow seem cooler and fresher. If anyone else besides Brett lays on my pillow I have to change my pillowcase before I will sleep on it again. The worst pillow contamination I ever had was when I was a young girl and my elderly best friend (another story…how I always had elderly friends when I was a child) came over and SAT on my pillow while we she visited….I not only had to change my pillow case, I had to get a brand new pillow.

So back to my daughters stealing my pillows. After a couple of weeks of this happening every night I decided it was time to say something. I told Luca that she had her own pillow and she needed to stop taking my pillows every night. “but Mom, your pillows are so cold and soft and they smell like you.” I nicely told her that I like them cold too and her pillow is just as cold when she first lays down so she needed to stop taking mine. The next night, I go to bed….and the pillows are gone again. I take them back to my room and lay down and this time I thought about how she said they smell like me. I laid on the warm pillow and breathed deep and realized I could smell Luca on my pillow. Not in a sweaty dirty way, but a sweet way. I didn’t mind that my pillow was warm anymore and I went to sleep thinking of my girls. It has been a few weeks since then and I haven’t brought it up again and our pillows continue to disappear every night. I have decided that if it gives my girls comfort at night when they go to sleep and make them feel close to us than it is worth giving up those two minutes of a cold pillow when I first lay down….and I am kind of enjoying feeling a little bit closer to them as I fall asleep too.