Bringing Me Back With A Free Burrito

A friend and I went to Chipotle for dinner last night. It is the place that I have craved this pregnancy. I already had my mind set on a shredded beef burrito, and as much as Michele tried to convince me to try the tacos I already knew I had to get the burrito to ease my craving. I got up to the counter and placed my order and before they even told me the beef was gone I spotted the empty pan and I felt my heart start to race and my palms get sweaty. They offered me the steak, pork, or chicken and I hesitantly agreed to try the chicken instead. Michele ordered hers and we got an order of chips and salsa to share and each got drinks. My grand total came to $10 and I told her she must have forgotten something because I was expecting it to be more like $18. She said, “nope, that is right. Your burrito is free because we didn’t have what you wanted.” I thanked her and we went to sit down and I told Michele, “That is what brings me back to places like this.” So I got a free burrito and I found out the chicken one is pretty dang good too!


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