Some More Useful Pregnancy Apparel

While browsing maternity apparel on Amazon the other day I came across the Bella Band. I liked the reviews and it sounded like what I was looking for. I decided before I spent $26 on one I would run down to the Motherhood Maternity outlet a few miles away and see what they had. I found their version called the “tummy sleeve” for about $16 so I decided to get a white one and try it out. I have been pretty happy with it. I have been able to pull out three pair of my pre-pregnancy pants and start wearing them again. I use a button hole extender similar to this (but without the fabric panel) and then I put the tummy sleeve low on my hips so it covers the open zipper and I pull it up as high on my tummy as I can for the little bit of extra support it offers. When I put a shirt on it looks like I have just layered a longer t-shirt underneath it. I have used it a lot, but the fabric is quite thin and I bunch it a bit over my pants so that you can’t see my jeans through the white material.

I was at the mall the other day and passed a Mimi Maternity store and decided to run in and see if they had a black one like the one I bought at Motherhood. They had one and I snatched it up and went up to the counter to pay. It turned out to be $24 so as I left I was thinking it better be good! As soon as I opened it I could tell it was a lot thicker material and it was a tighter stretch so it would hold my pants up better and hide the bulk of the zipper and button. I have been very happy with it and now I want a white one in this brand because I like it so much better than the one from Motherhood. I can see that it will be great to wear after the baby is born and I am still not back in my old size. I hear they are also good for nursing mom’s to hide their lower bellies from view while they nurse their babies. I will try it out and let you know how that goes as well!

If I try another brand I think I will try this lace Bella Band…it is so cute and feminine.

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A Classy Comfortable Shoe

franco sarto

I went shopping yesterday to get another pair of my favorite pregnancy shoes, Franco Sarto’s Bocca Loafer in black calf. I bought a pair of these shoes when I was in the first trimester of pregnancy with Luca and by the time I was in the third trimester it was the only shoe I wore. I wore it clear through my next two pregnancies as well, until my big toes finally worked their way through the seams. They have just the right amount of heel and arch support and they are flexible and stretch the right amount when my feet swell. They look like an unlikely pair of shoes to pick for comfort, but they have worked well for me and I think they are rather cute!

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A Simple Act of Kindness


Our family went to one of our favorite restaurants the other night called Jasmine Mongolian Grill. The kids love the food, but their favorite thing about the restaurant is the large gumball machine near the front doors. It is about four feet high and has extra big gumballs that fall through a series of ramps, funnels, and wheels before coming out. As we went to pay after we had eaten the kids were going nuts with excitement waiting for their quarters. I reached into my wallet and discovered I didn’t even have a penny in change. Brett didn’t have change either, but I had a dollar so I walked over to ask him to get change for the kids. By the time I walked back to the gumball machine to give the quarters to the kids, Anna was already happily watching her gum ball make it’s way through the machine. A nice young couple with a baby was smiling as they watched them. I thanked them for giving my kids quarters and she said, “this is my favorite thing about this place too! I never come here without a pocket full of quarters”. Such a simple act of kindness really made my night and it made me decide that I need to be more watchful and aware of people around me so I can make someone happy the way they made my kids and me happy.