Little Pea: The Latest Favorite Book at Our House


We came across another book at the library that has become an instant favorite for Anna and Lincoln. (Luca likes it too, but has become rather sick of it after reading it several times every single night for three weeks)

Little Pea is a book about…well…Little Pea, a playful and happy pea, who does not want to eat his dinner….of candy. He finally chokes down the quota of five pieces in order to receive his dessert reward of….spinach! yumm! It is very simply written and illustrated and the story is very easy for even the youngest kids to follow, but witty enough for older kids to enjoy as well.

Our favorite quote from Little Pea, when he eats his spinach, is one that Lincoln says daily now when I put something he likes in front of him at the table. “Yum! Yum! Extra Yum!!”


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