A Time To Laugh And A Time To….Laugh


Brett and I were on one last night after the kids went to bed and couldn’t stop laughing about…just about anything that was even slightly humorous…or even not. It didn’t even have to really be funny. We watched Big Brother and laughed every time Amber cried or Jameka prayed. And if you watch Big Brother you KNOW how often that can be per episode. We laughed when Elka, our boxer, started snoring and sounded like a cow ready to give birth. She would give one long loud deep snore and we would look at each other and laugh and then start watching again just about the time she would have another contraction…err, breath. We laughed when I ate a rotten sunflower seed and couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth. We laughed all the way up the stairs after I remembered a hidden box of dollar store sugar cereal we snuck in from the garage that I was sure was the only thing that would take the nasty rotten nut taste out of my mouth. I didn’t laugh when I took my first bite of cereal and realized that the milk was completely sour, but I did laugh after I spit it out in the sink and shoved a handful of dry cereal in my mouth so I wouldn’t throw up. We REALLY laughed when we discussed how Brett’s chivalry shined through because HE is the one that handed his pregnant wife the carton of milk with about a cup of liquid left in it while his cereal was swimming in nice fresh milk that had just been opened. “I never drink the last inch of milk from a carton because it is almost always sour”, says he…uh huh. We laughed again when the dollar store cereal that I bragged and bragged about finding only filled three medium cereal bowels before the box was empty…not the bargain I thought I was getting. Our final tear jerking laugh of the night came when we read the chat history of our daughter Luca, who just started chatting with her grandparents, a couple of cousins, and Brett and I on Messenger. Here are some quotes from her chats with her dad, emoticons included (translations in quotes):

Brett: hey there Luca

Luca: wute 🙂 (what)

Brett: What did you have for lunch today?

Luca: appol sose and nochos 🙂 I wontid pizza 😥 (applesauce and nachos. I wanted pizza)

Brett: What do you want to do tonight for Family Home Evening?

Luca: get ice crem and if it is lite ot side I wont to do wotre gunds 😛 (get ice cream and if it is light outside I want to do water guns)

-Another day-

Luca: I nou you or here (I know you are here)

Brett: I am not here

Luca: yus you or I can se you wen I trn u wownd dad so dont tele me that you or not here bee cuse you or here :@ (yes you are. I can see you when I turn around dad. So don’t tell me that you are not here because you are here)

Brett: I just look like Dad but I’m not really here. Your Dad is upstairs making PIZZA.

Luca: no he desit now how to mac pizza so you or wit here :@ (no, he doesn’t know how to make pizza so you are right here.)

Brett: Will you help me layaway clothes that come out of the dryer?

(no response, because of course she hopped right up to help!)

It was a fun night and it reminded me how much fun it is to laugh. I need to do it more often.


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