Zigity…Another Fun Family Cranium Game


I have had the card game Zigity for several months but had never tried playing it. The age recommendation on it was ages 8-adult so I thought maybe it would be too difficult for my six year old daughter Luca. I finally pulled it out the other night and read through the instructions and decided it was right up her alley.

The next day I spent about 3–4 minutes explaining the rules to her and we started playing. She picked up on it right away and we ended up playing about seven rounds and had a lot of fun. I even lost the first three rounds and I wasn’t even trying to go easy on her!

Your child will need to be able to do simple adding (numbers from 1–6 adding up to 11) and spell some simple words from random letters, but it is fairly easy to pick up on. It also has three action cards (a draw card, bounce, and dodge) which are easy to understand.

We have played it three out of the past four days and I think it will stay on our family favorites list for a long time.

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Thar She Blows!

We were having a particularly sassy night with our boy at McDonalds last night and I could feel the steam building inside me. I was sitting there turning red and about ready to snap at him when out of the blue Anna yells out, “MOM! There is an old man right behind you!!” Out of the corner of my eye I see a guy walking by our table who looked to be maybe in his late 40’s. I usually have good control in a situation like this, but the timing of it released all that steam and pressure building up from my frustrations with Lincoln and I started laughing so hard I could hardly breathe. I hurried and covered my face with both hands and put my head down, hoping this poor “old” man wouldn’t notice my reaction. I hee hawed for a good five minutes with tears rolling down my face and I felt so ridiculous, but I could not stop. I couldn’t look at Brett because he was trying to control his laughter too and the kids just stared at us like we had lost our minds. I felt bad for losing it, but boy did I feel lighter after my laugh as we walked out to the car.

Our next family night will be about things that are appropriate to say and not appropriate to say in public places. We are also going to work on limiting the use of certain adjectives on strangers.

Why Didn’t I Think Of This…..


I just came across this cool product and I wish I had found it before I had my first child. This would be great to throw in a diaper bag or purse. I would use it to clip my kids napkins to them when we go to restaurants. They are sick of us tucking napkins into their shirts…they never stay and never give good coverage. Then I wouldn’t have to pack bulky bibs or take home dirty ones. They would also be handy in the car when we decide to get an ice-cream or other messy treat and the kids eat in the car. Just ask for extra napkins and clip ’em on! I will let you know what I think when I actually try them out.

If He Really Wants To Show Me He Loves Me….


These are the BEST chocolates ever! When I worked downtown ten years ago there was a small Teuscher’s shop in the bottom of the building I worked in. Being an employee of the management company that managed the building they were in I figured it was my duty and responsibility to familiarize myself with the tenants and I stopped by and tested out their famous “champagne truffle”. It was a mistake because 1. it was another chocolate item for me to crave, and 2. they are pricey!!

I soon became a regular and shortly after became addicted to their fancy cup of hot cocoa. It cost $5 for a cup much smaller than the one I would get at Starbucks for half the price, but it was worth every penny. It was creamy, rich, steamy, and topped with the freshest fluffiest whipped cream I had ever had.

One day I was browsing through the store looking at their cute little gift packages and I noticed a plate of big chocolate dipped strawberries by the register. I was thrilled to be able to get a sample of something new.

“That will be $5”, the cashier said as I savored my first bite.

“Uhhh, ya, right”, I stammered as I dug out all the change I could find from the bottom of my purse. I was so glad I had enough to pay for it, but bummed I couldn’t leave with my usual purchase of two champagne truffles that I usually bought with $5. It didn’t keep me from going back, but it convinced me to stay far away from anything that resembled a “free” sample!

One year we went crazy there for Christmas and bought our other couple friends the two truffle Christmas ornaments for a gift. We later realized they probably had no idea what it was and may have thought we were total cheapskates for getting them a whopping one piece of chocolate apiece in a cheaply made (but darling!) styrofoam and aluminum ornament. We got our chocolate loving mothers the larger sized Christmas decorations…I think they had a whole SIX pieces of chocolate and we got the tree topper angel with truffles for us.

I was so disappointed (but financially saved) the day we walked down from our apartment on Capitol Hill to get some gourmet hot cocoa and found that the store had been closed for good. I don’t know how I missed it, being that I worked for the building manager. After we moved away from downtown I looked up online to see where the closest store was and found that there were only two in the United States and they were both in Manhattan.

One year I dropped many many hints leading up to our wedding anniversary that all I wanted was a box of champagne truffles, but when I heard that the shipping was going to cost more than the chocolates did I told Brett to forget it. Apparently, they have to be shipped in a refrigerated truck and overnighted so they won’t melt. Hmph!

So…I just looked them up again and what do you know!!? There is a store in Portland, OR. I think 154 miles of driving is not too high of a price to pay to get chocolate truffles for the woman who is about to experience her fourth labor and delivery to bear the man she loves his fourth child….do you?

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My Experience Of Bed Rest…So Far

I have been wanting to write about being on bed rest since I was put on it three weeks ago by my doctor, but I have put it off because I know how long winded I get and I could write a mini novel about it.

To put it as briefly as I can I was put on bed rest about ten days ago after spending a couple nights in the hospital while they stopped my early labor and then monitored the baby and me after a bad reaction to one of the medications. When they released me and the nurse told me I was only to get out of bed to go to the bathroom and take a quick shower once a day I nearly burst into tears. The first night home was emotionally difficult as I heard Brett get the kids dinner, clean it up, and get them ready for bed by himself while I just laid on the couch reading. This after an exhausting three days for him of playing Mr. Mom every waking minute and squeezing in working from home. Talk about guilt!

They have adjusted the dosage a couple times with the medicine they give me to control the contractions and it seems to be working quite well. I was told I could increase my activity a bit, but still to try to stay down as much as I can and don’t lift, do anything but very light housework (I would have thought I would like being told that…but not so much), drink caffeine, or get “stimulated”….we have had many laughs about that one. I told Brett he was just going to have to move out until the baby comes.

After feeling quite well for a couple days I realized I was falling back into routines that were just so normal to me I hadn’t thought about it. I cleaned out the girls closet, vacuumed the upstairs, made dinners and cleaned up…just the normal every day stuff. The kids had a birthday party on Friday night so we decided it might be one of our last chances for a date night before the baby comes so we went to dinner and had a great time. The next day I took it easy the first part of the day and then we ran a couple errands, went to dinner, and went to the grocery store. All easy stuff and Luca pushed my cart for me and I hardly lifted anything at the store. As we were getting close to being done I started thinking I needed to get home. By the time we got the kids in bed I just crashed on my bed with my shoes on and didn’t move for an hour and a half! My body ached from my knees to my armpits and I was sweating like crazy even though I had the window open and the cool breeze was blowing right across the bed. It gave me a good scare because I felt so crampy and my abdomen was constantly tight so I couldn’t even really tell if I was having contractions or not. I decided I need to do a better job of obeying the doctors orders. There is no guarantee that I would end up having the baby early, but I have this fear that I will and then it will be all my fault because I didn’t listen. What’s a girl to do? This is always an uncomfortable time of pregnancy with backaches, rib pain, heart burn and such…but it is also a fun time too because of the “nesting” urge. I usually get a lot of organizing, sorting, and preparation done during these last few weeks, but I am just going to tell myself that it is okay and I will have time afterward. I have my bin of baby clothes ready and we have a porta-crib we can use for a bed until we decide on a permanent sleeping arrangement. I am just going to have to allow myself to take a step back and let things go.

It has been a fun couple of weeks of playing cards and games with the kids, coloring, reading, watching movies, and chatting with the kiddos. I am so blessed to have neighbors and friends that have helped and especially a husband who is willing to do whatever is needed. We are extremely blessed that he has an understanding boss and flexibility at work when he is needed at home. I don’t know what I would do without him on appointment days or days that I am just totally beat. I have always considered myself very lucky that he has always rubbed my feet almost any time I want…but those who have been pregnant know how this is an even bigger deal when pregnant!

I am grateful that I have a six year old who has carried heavy laundry baskets up the stairs a step at a time to surprise me, asked if she can vacuum the floor, helped her little sister get ready for bed and brush her teeth, made frozen waffles for breakfast for her siblings, and run numerous errands around the house for me when I needed to lay down. A four year old who knows when I need a warm body cuddled up next to me, takes pride in being able to keep his room clean on his own, and makes me laugh throughout the day. And a three year old who will take a nap with me while her brother is at preschool, cleans up her dishes from the table without being asked, lets the dog in and out all throughout the day without complaining, and tells me I am pretty and she loves me several times a day. I couldn’t ask for a better support team!

Procrastinating With My Cup Half Full


The bad news is I came across a bin in my garage with two nearly finished baby quilts that I haven’t worked on for five years.

The good news is it will only take me about an hour to finish a quilt for my sister’s new baby and one for our baby boy that will be making his appearance soon.

That bad news is the quilts were meant to be for a friend whose child is now five and Lincoln who is almost five.

The good news is I gave my friend something else I had made and Lincoln already has two blankets I have made and will never know the difference.

(k, seriously…the baby girl quilt is only going to take ten minutes to finish once I get my sewing machine set up and threaded)

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More Glimpses Into The Mind Of My Four Year Old


Lincoln has been really concerned about getting his kindergarten shots next year ever since his little buddy told him all about the “TWO BIG HUGE SHOTS THAT HURT REALLY BAD” that you have to get before you go to school. I don’t think there has been a day in the last month that he hasn’t mentioned his worries about it to me.

Today he came up to me and said, “Mom, I don’t think I am going to have to get two big shots to go to kindergarten because I think the doctor already gave them to me.” He then pulled down the neck of his t-shirt and pointed to one of his nipples and said, “see, I must have got one right here”, and then he pointed to his other nipple and said, “and I have another one of these things right there, so I must have got my two big shots.”

I just nodded and said, “Mmmm hmmm”.

The other day we were chatting and I was answering as many of his rapid-fire questions as I could when he asked, “What do we look like when we die…..an old beast?”

How do you answer that?