Zigity…Another Fun Family Cranium Game


I have had the card game Zigity for several months but had never tried playing it. The age recommendation on it was ages 8-adult so I thought maybe it would be too difficult for my six year old daughter Luca. I finally pulled it out the other night and read through the instructions and decided it was right up her alley.

The next day I spent about 3–4 minutes explaining the rules to her and we started playing. She picked up on it right away and we ended up playing about seven rounds and had a lot of fun. I even lost the first three rounds and I wasn’t even trying to go easy on her!

Your child will need to be able to do simple adding (numbers from 1–6 adding up to 11) and spell some simple words from random letters, but it is fairly easy to pick up on. It also has three action cards (a draw card, bounce, and dodge) which are easy to understand.

We have played it three out of the past four days and I think it will stay on our family favorites list for a long time.

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