A Chip Off The Old Block(s)


Oh, how my oldest child frustrates me, makes me laugh, and makes me proud. I see pieces of both her dad and me in her all the time.

Luca is by far our pickiest eater and always has been. She doesn’t like to try new things, doesn’t like her food to touch, and can change her mind about whether she likes a kind of food with no warning whatsoever. Brett and I were dishing up the kids Thanksgiving plates and he handed Lu her plate and she said, “I didn’t want gravy on my potatoes! I hate gravy!” We told her to watch her tone and her manners and I asked her if she had ever tried gravy. She said she hadn’t and reminded her about the time she finally tried bean and cheese nachos after avoiding them for months and after she tried one she said, “you’re right Mom! It is good to try new things!” and now it is one of her favorite foods. She continued to gripe and moan and every once in awhile piped up with, “well, now I can’t eat my corn because the gravy touched it”, and “Lincoln, do you want my roll…gravy got on it and now I can’t eat it”. We were all trying to ignore her and enjoy each other. Finally I said, “Luca, if you try it and you really don’t like it I will get you some new potatoes, but if you don’t at least taste it I am not going to get you another single thing for the rest of the night”. She looked up at me and said in her low grumbly voice, “well…even if I did like it I still wouldn’t eat it.” Brett and I and my brother Warren and his wife Sandi all tried to not laugh or respond, but it was just such a Luca kind of thing to say. The girl has got the stubborness of her mom and dad combined and we are both very stubborn!

All weekend Brett and I have been saying things like “even if I didn’t want to eat this piece of pie I still would”, and “even if I did want to get up early and make pancakes I still wouldn’t.”


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