Earned Laziness

I have been sitting here at the computer for an hour and a half. Within view of my chair are two laundry baskets of clothes that need folded, a pile of dirty clothes that need to be put in the washing machine, two computer desks that need straightened, the kids table that needs decluttered, and my garbage needs emptied. I can see into the family room and there are at least two couch cushions and three blankets on the floor and I can see two toys. I can only see about a tenth of the family room from my vantage point. I won’t even mention all the things I can think of that I need to do upstairs and that I want to do out in the garage.

So why have I allowed my four and five year old to sit and play Nintendo for and hour and a half while I read blogs and comparison shop online? Because I have an 11 pound bundle of warmth curled up on my chest fast asleep and I can’t bear to move him! I can feel his little baby breath on my neck and feel the rise and fall of his chest. One of his little hands is curled up right under my chin and I can’t stop looking down at how perfect it is. He is getting sweaty and I can feel the warmth rising from his body and I can smell his salty, earthy, powdery, sweet baby smell. I COULD go work on that pile of laundry…but I think I deserve this time and the only thing that will make me move is if he wakes up or one of the other kids has to go to the emergency room!



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