Getting Things Done With Baby

I had forgotten how much I can get done with a baby in one arm. Not only can I load and unload the dishwasher with a baby in tow…I can do it with a SLEEPING baby curled up in one arm and keep him asleep. When Lincoln was a baby I made Luca lunch, got her a drink, and did the dishes ALL WHILE BREASTFEEDING! I know!

And take right now for example. I am nursing a baby, nursing a diet coke, and writing a blog all at the same time! Now that is uber mom multi-tasking.

I am really good at picking up the house with Kai. I just repeat over and over (inside my head so the kids won’t think I am crazy), “bend with the knees. bend with the knees”. Poor Kai is such a good sport. I figure I am just helping him build his neck muscles faster as he gets flopped to and fro while I bounce around the house cleaning. His favorite position is to be flopped over one arm like a rag doll while I cook dinner. He almost always falls asleep before the oven is preheated. If my pediatrician read my blog he would prepping himself to give me a good scolding about cooking with babe in arms when we go in for the eight week checkup, but hey…we moms do what we have to do! (by the way. if you ARE reading this. I gave the baby his binky as soon as you walked out of the hospital room and he is still nursing just fine!)

My new talent this time around is playing the piano with a baby on my lap. I have done it with an older baby that can sit up, but it was a little tricky learning to play with a newborn that can’t hold his head up. He really calms down and likes to watch my fingers move on the piano keys.

I use my BabyBjorn a lot and I can do things about twice as fast when Kai is strapped into it, but I have to plan it out because it can be hard on my back depending on what I am doing. I found out I can do the dishes a lot faster with him in the Bjorn, but boy does it get my back a-aching! The height of my countertop and bending up and down as I unload and load the dishwasher just seems to be a bad combination. It is great for vacuuming though and then Kai gets the double bonus of hanging in the bjorn and hearing the sound of the vacuum. I still don’t understand why newborns like that sound.

I have always disagreed with those who say you can spoil a newborn. Now a four, five, six month baby, sure, but not a sweet little innocent tiny newborn who is incapable of manipulation. At least I thought so until this morning when I was just out of the shower and I told Brett to just lay Kai on the bed while I hurried and got dressed. He screamed his lungs out for the ten minutes or so it took me to get dressed, put my contacts in, and put product in my hair…a girl’s got to have priorities! So I finally get to my red faced totally pissed off baby and pick him up and it was like I had a remote control with an off button. He gets quiet and curls up in a fetal position and nuzzles his head into my neck, whimpers like a little puppy while he gets comfortable, then sighs and falls fast asleep. He so has my number!

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