Making Excuses

I have had a hard time getting back into an exercise routine since I had the baby in November. Okay. Who I am kidding? I haven’t even got on the treadmill ONCE since Kai was born. I can tell myself it is because it smells like burning rubber when we use it…but, Brett fixed it in December and it only barely stinks anymore. I can say it is because I am too tired…and I am…but I find a way to stay awake to watch American Idol after the kids are in bed. I could say it is because I am still sore from childbirth, but that was eight weeks ago and I have kind of run that excuse into the ground now. I could say that my workout clothes don’t fit me well enough…but that would just be giving me more reason to get on it!

I was reading back through my old posts and I need to take my own advice and just put my workout clothes and shoes on and make myself wear them until I have exercised.

I think part of my problem is I know it is not a quick thing. Once I get started I feel like I need to do the whole shabang. If I get on the treadmill thinking I will just speed walk for fifteen minutes I usually end up going at least twice that. I figure once I am sweaty I might as well really make it worth it. Then after I do that I figure I need to round it out with sit ups and push ups, leg lifts and arm weights. Well…I could at least take off the arm weights because my arms are sore ever morning anyway from carrying an 11–12 baby around on one arm all day. Come to think of it I better start switching arms once in awhile before they become obviously lopsided.

So I am hoping that by posting about it on my blog I will feel motivated or at least shamed into getting my butt in gear. Hopefully I will have a good update soon!

Nautilus 718 Treadmill


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