My First Meme

My mom tagged me and since I was starting to feel bad that I have been blogging for over a year and have never been tagged I decided I better do what she asked! It is a tricky one since it is to “blog about five things in my life that I never dreamed, when I was 25, would be in my life now”. Well, I am only thirty so mom suggested I just go back 25 years instead…well, I am always up for a challenge and the more I thought about it I am quite sure I can come up with five things that are in my life now that I never imagined only five years ago.

#1 — Five years ago I had a two year old and a newborn…I would have never dreamed that in only five more years I would have four children and four car seats in a mini van…heck, or even a mini van! I am so glad that I am a crazy tired mom that drives around four hollering kids in a mini van that smells like old fast food…fun times!

#2 — Three computers in the house! It was such a huge deal when we got two computers and I didn’t even think of the possibility of the kids needing their own computer within five years. I could never go back to one or two! (and we are talking about gathering parts for yet another!)

#3 — Un-ironed clothes and sheets and crumbs in the corners of my kitchen that stay there for several days. Yes, my house cleaning has dipped to levels I didn’t think possible. It still looks good if you don’t get to close to any of the surfaces…so don’t try it! And now I look back and think, “What in the heck was I doing ironing my sheets and pillow cases anyway!?”

#4 — Contacts and glasses. I thought that I would have had eye surgery for sure by now and been rid of them! Hopefully another five years from now this one will be off my list.

#5 — FEWER pair of shoes than I had five years ago. I don’t know how it happened, but I am down several pair of shoes since then. I think I must have finally thrown out my shoes I had hung onto since I was a teenager…after much prompting from my clutterphobic and shoe snob husband. My $15 faux leather sandals really gave him nightmares.

So there ya go. Kind of boring and probably not really what the person who started it had in mind, but I did it! I could probably think of five more too if I had to…but I don’t!

Now the hard part is thinking of five people who read my blog and haven’t already been tagged by my mom. How about Shae, Catherine, “Matt & Meag” (you can choose who gets to do it!), My sister Angi (now you have to start a blog on blogger or Windows Live Spaces!), and Kim. And just because I am interested and think it would be fun Kim, I wonder what five things you have or have done related to “being prepared” that you would have never dreamed you would have by now.

Warren, I didn’t tag anyone in your family so that you would have people left to tag in your post! (because you REALLY need to write another post so we don’t have to look at that picture every time we go to your site!)


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