I’m All Ears


Brett and I have been noticing that our three year old seems to kind of get on her siblings nerves. Well, not “kind of”…she totally drives them up the wall most of the time. She is fun and bubbly and energetic and a tease and they can’t stand that she is so happy all the time. She also likes to push their buttons.

I realized today how they have learned to handle it. It made me laugh but it made me sad too. Lincoln had his friend Joe over and they were all sitting down to have some lunch and Joe started to scoot his chair closer to Lincoln’s.

Anna says, “Joe, we aren’t supposed to move chairs in our house.” (somewhat true. I got tired of them clumping their chairs all together on one end of the table and then crying that their siblings were too close to them so I told them to leave the chairs in their place.)

Joe responds, “Is that true what she just said?”

Lincoln pats him on the shoulder and says, “It’s okay, we don’t even really listen to her anyway.”

My darling, obnoxious, loving, humorous, oblivious, beautiful, magical, musical daughter. MOM listens to you!!

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