Taming the Beast

I have really abused what I call my “mean mommy” voice today. I don’t know why there are days that I can’t seem to get out of that mode, but I decided I better make a list of triggers and how I can prevent them.

1. Being cold. I hate to be cold and I am always cold in the mornings. Even in the summer. I get cranky if I can’t stop shivering. So from now on the thermostat will be set to 85 degrees from 7am to noon.

2. Hunger. I hate being hungry too. The kids will now be required to tell me where their secret stashes of candy are and I will promise to only steal from them when I am crabby. It really is a “win win” solution if they think about it long enough (while they are in time out from whining and crying because I stole their candy) Oh, and they have to promise to not tell their dad because we are supposed to be off of sugar. It all sounds wrong, but it really is for the greater good.

3. Whining and crying. I have tried everything I can think of to stop my kids from doing this and nothing seems to be working so I think my next attempt is going to be whining and crying myself next time they start. It might work. I think they will be so stunned they will stop. But only when it is authentic and I really don’t think it is going to be very hard.

4. Too much noise. Earplugs and muzzles. The earplugs are for me of course. The muzzles are not.

5. Lack of sleep. I am now allotted one nap a day as needed. The kids will have the following choices of how to spend their time while I sleep: quietly reading or writing, napping, or watching a movie or playing nintendo DS (with little or no sound). I really think they will choose the reading or writing option.

You really can’t ask too much to keep mom happy, can ya? After today, I think my kids will be willing to do whatever it takes to keep the mommy monster at bay.

What Started as Sharing a Blog I Found Today and Turned into a Whole Lot of Nothing…

You might have to have a total internet geek husband, be an internet geek yourself, know what Twitter is (which automatically qualifies you as a geek), or know who Guy Kawasaki is (again…automatic geek qualification) to enjoy this, but it nearly made me pee my pants from laughing when I read this post and the comments. Granted…it isn’t hard to make me pee my pants these days, but it really is funny.

I will be adding that blog to my blogroll for sure. My blogroll is getting so long that Dooce is going to be in danger of being booted if that ad with the pictures of nasty cellulite stays on her site very long. (Mom, Auntie, and in-laws…maybe don’t do too much searching through her archives or you may be a smidge offended by a few of her comments about mormons. I finally decided if her mormon family and friends can still read her blog and love her I can continue reading and enjoying her blog without sending her hate mail)

As a mom who doesn’t get out nearly enough…I have four children and live in Seattle…”wet dog” is not a smell reserved only for dogs…my house smells like a kennel after a trip to Target with the kids while it is raining…I appreciate finding a great blog that makes me laugh…and this sentence has now achieved that status of my longest sentence ever written in my blog…good work! After going back and reading it, it also achieves the status as my most confusing sentence in my blog. But I am keeping it, because it took me a long time to write. (This is going to make my author/editor friend cry)

Speaking of long sentences…what does “…” mean anyway? Is there a word for “…”? I use it all the time, but I don’t really know if it is proper or what it means. I tried to look it up on Dictionary.com (and googled it) and came up with nada. I looked up “nada” too. I hate it when I misuse a word unintentionally. I do it intentionally all the time and that is okay. Dictionary.com is the website I go to the most since auto-spell check dumbed me down. “Dumbed” is a word. It is in the dictionary. I checked. “Musing” is a word too. I just checked because my mom used it and I wanted to correct her, but she was right. I should know better than to try to correct my mom.

It is now 5:30pm so I better go figure out something to make for dinner or a drive-through to visit soon before my kids go all kawasaki on me. I think I may have misused your new word, but I really like how that sounded. May need to add part 2 to the definition. They do it all the time on Dictionary.com.

Two Lives, Two Beginnings

The oldest and the youngest members of Brett’s family have started new beginnings…

kai and grandma

We got word this morning that Brett’s grandmother passed away in her sleep at about 3:00am…which was two hours before we arrived home from our sixteen hour drive home after visiting with her on Sunday and introducing her to our newest member of the family. Boy are we grateful we made the trip to see her. She had been somewhat confused and having a hard time the few days before we took the kids to see her, but on Sunday she was alert, talking to us, and she smiled almost the entire time we were there as I sat Kai up next to her on her bed. She was so happy to see Luca, Lincoln, and Anna. It had been a year and a half since we had been to Utah and I am sure they looked so much more grown up to her. When we got there she told us she had been waiting to go to sleep until she could meet baby Kai. The kids were quiet, respectful, and loving with her and we were very proud parents. Kai smiled and coo’d and responded to her touch and she stroked his cheeks and hands. It was hard to say goodbye knowing that it was going to be the last time we saw her alive. What a blessing that we were prompted to make that last minute short trip back before she passed away.

This is a picture Brett took of his mom comforting his grandma a day and a half before she passed away.


We love you grandma and we are happy you have been reunited with your sweetheart.

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My cousin Wendy posted about how thankful she is for her friends and it made me think about how great my friends are and I thought I would follow her example and mention a few of the blessings they have brought me.

I am thankful for

friends who don’t even know I have been out of town and when I tell them we got back at 5:30am tell me they are coming over to get my kids so I can rest (of course, I blog instead)…then tell me they will bring them home with dinner in their tummies. How lucky am I?!

…friends (no blog to link to, which is too bad, because it would be a good one!)who discover that my front door is open after we have left town. There is no way to lock it from the outside without a key so they think to get the garage door opener out of the car in the garage so they can make sure the house is secure for the remainder of our trip…AND bring in our mail and Amazon deliveries while we are away.

friends and relatives that I rarely get to see and that I have been horrible about keeping in contact with that write blogs so I can keep up on their lives.

friends who always seem to call just when I am ready to pull my hair out with impatience to invite one, two, or three of my kids to come over to play AND tell me they are going to come pick them up and then bring them home.

friends who continue to send me evites to parties, get-togethers, and bunco even though I have to decline 90% of the time.

And thank you to all those I mentioned and the many others who are always teaching me how to be a better friend.

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Preserving My In(sanity)

I just told Brett that that the baby’s pacifier has “saved my insanity”. It took me a minute to realize that is not what I meant to say. But then again, maybe that was more accurate than what I thought I was saying. Especially when it is an hour after I put the kids to bed and they are still wrestling, laughing, and shrieking in bed. Like right now.

A Blog That Will Touch Your Life

I came across this touching blog last night through Twitter and read until 1am. (I was supposed to be studying my church lesson I taught today) It is written by a young mom who found out she has cancer in June of 2007 and she has blogged about her experience almost daily. Start with this post and I am sure you will be up all night reading it too. Her writing is direct, honest, and beautiful. This poem gave me chills. This post made me cry as I cuddled my nursing baby. And This is an important one you really shouldn’t miss.

I just spent over an hour searching for this post because it really touched me, so be sure to read it to.

These are the kinds of blogs that make a difference and help people. I am so glad that others are willing to share pieces of their lives and help educate the rest of us.

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100 Things That Make Me Happy

I have seen this done on other blogs and I decided to take the challenge to write 100 things that make me happy. Here it goes. I am going to write the first things that come to mind and not make any changes!

1. Family

2. My kids

3. Hearing my kids laugh

4. When Brett laughs so hard he gets tears in his eyes

5. Good quality dark chocolate

6. Finishing a workout

7. Music

8. Playing the piano

9. reading an uplifting blog post

10. Sunshine

11. Rain after a heat wave

12. A crackling fire in the fireplace

13. A good book

14. Potato soup

15. Browsing antique stores or craft boutiques

16. Online shopping

17. Grocery shopping by myself

18. Trips to Utah with the family

19. The beach

20. Going to my kids soccer games

21. finishing a project

22. Organizing

23. Giving homemade gifts

24. Receiving a homemade gift

25. Going to dinner with a girlfriend

26. Going to dinner with my husband

27. Heist movies

28. Children’s literature

29. The smell of my baby

30. Kissing baby necks

31. Clothes that fit

32. Losing weight

33. Getting my hair done

34. Hearing a good Relief Society lesson or talk at church

35. Super Saturday (craft day with the women at church)

36. Long drives

37. A George Winston CD

38. Mexican Food

39. Game night with my mom, sister, and sister-in-laws

40. Catching up with my darling nieces and nephews

41. A long interesting chat with…anyone

42. Watching tv and cuddling with my husband

43. A clean house

44. Watching my kids try something new

45. Going to the park with the kids on a warm day

46. Going for a walk on a sunny day

47. Picking Luca up from the school bus

48. The smell of clean jeans

49. The smell of freshly washed and ironed clothes

50. When I wake up early and have energy

51. Cute comfortable shoes

52. An organized wallet, purse, or diaper bag

53. Seeing a new baby

54. My kids sharing

55. My kids playing pretend

56. Dolls

57. Puzzles

58. Beautiful fabric

59. Finding a great new blog

60. Writing for fun

61. Writing in mine or my kids journal

62. Reading through my kids journal

63. Soft blankets

64. Coconut shrimp

65. Finding money in my pocket

66. They way my kids smell when they are sleeping

67. Reconnecting with an old friend

68. Comments on my blog

69. Looking through old pictures

70. Finding new music that I love

71. Browsing the bookstore or library

72. Watching my kids learn

73. Spraying my kids with the hose on a hot day

74. Doing any project with my mom

75. A nap with one of my kids

76. Chocolate scented candles

77. Good babysitters that say “yes”

78. Late night chats with my husband

79. Coming home from three hours of church (knowing we made it through!)

80. Crockpot meals

81. Stew

82. An empty laundry basket

83. Seeing my babies for the first time

84. A vacuumed out car

85. Sparkling windows

86. Out of town visitors

87. Dinner with friends

88. My kids getting invited to birthday parties

89. Finding a great “unknown” restaurant

90. Good smelling soap

91. Good memories

92. Making memories

93. Listening to my kids tell stories

94. Homemade salsa with good chips

95. Learning about something new

96. Sitting in the sun

97. Air-conditioning

98. Hearing my children pray

99. Hugs and cuddles from my kids

100. Talking and listening to my two month old baby

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Baby Bjorn Bouncy Seat


I have been wanting to get a bouncy seat since Kai was born in November. I would have bought the Boppy seat on several occasions when I was looking for a seat at Target, but they only ever had the pink one available. My sister has the Boppy seat and has really liked it. All the other seats I saw at Target were just too much. They had busy patterns, bright plastic toys, music, and most of them vibrated and required batteries. Brett and and I have pretty simple taste so when I saw the Bjorn bouncy seat I feel in love with it. Unfortunately it was twice at much as any other seat I was looking at so I decided to wait.

I must have talked about it a lot because when Brett ordered our stroller on Albeebaby.com a couple of weeks ago he surprised me and ordered the seat as well. I LOVE it! It was worth the extra cost. It is simple and good looking. The wooden bears on the toy bar are cute and easy for Kai to play with. It lightly bounces easily with his normal movements. He is a busy boy so he is good at keeping it moving! It is easy to set it up next to our computers and gently bounce it with a foot until he falls asleep. It has three settings for the angle. If we are trying get Kai to sleep we will set it on the lowest which has him laying nearly flat. We use the next setting the most as it raises him enough that he can get a good view of what is going on around him. When he is bigger and has good neck control we will try the highest incline setting. The only downside is you can’t adjust the height with a baby in the seat, but that isn’t a big deal to me. Albeebaby had the best price I have found at $87.99.

I have to admit, the first night after we had it and Kai had been enjoying it off and on during the day, I glanced down at him drifting off to sleep next to my computer chair. I had this little moment of panic and I had to scoop him up and let him fall asleep in my arms. I am going to be careful not to let the seat take the place of me! I love to cuddle and rock and hug my boy and I will continue to do it as often as I can! But it is nice to be able to do some laundry or play with the other kids while he is happily watching from his seat.

kai bouncy

Kai bouncy 2

Does life get any better than this? (I was cold this day so Kai had to wear his coat all day)

Kai bouncy sleepy

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