It’s Like Pulling Teeth!

Luca lost her first two teeth today. They had to be pulled by the dentist, but she was thrilled to finally have some teeth pulled. She has been kinda down that she is the “LAST KID IN FIRST GRADE!” to have not lost a tooth. I don’t know if she really was, but she seemed convinced of it.

So we noticed about a month and a half ago that her permanent teeth were growing in behind two front bottom teeth. I googled it and apparently it is called “shark teeth”. We took her to the dentist and one of the teeth seemed to be a little loose so he told us to give it until the end of January and have her try to pull it herself. She worked on it and worked on it and couldn’t get it past a certain point. When the back teeth grew to the point that they were higher than the front teeth we decided it was time to go get them pulled.

When I picked her up from school today she came skipping out of her class with a big smile on her face.

“Are you excited to get your teeth pulled, Luca!?” I asked.

“Ya!!” she replied…and she meant it!

When we got there she jumped right up into the chair and did everything she was told and didn’t seem to be at all nervous. Our dentist, Dr. Minnoch, is so awesome (and not just because he is a friend…he really is the best we have ever been to.) and she didn’t even know that she got shots! They put a topical number on her gums and he held the shot down below her line of sight and brought it up as he talked to her and she had no clue. The teeth came out so fast I didn’t even know they were gone. It only took a few minutes for the whole process.

Luca is very excited about her new look and can’t stop running her tongue over the spot where her teeth were. I remember that feeling.

Here are some pictures that the hygienist took before they were pulled. She has headphones on because she was watching “Dexter’s Laboratory” while he worked on her. She really was THAT happy to be there. I will have to post an update with her new smile tomorrow. We forgot to take a picture afterwards. If all goes well, her permanent teeth will move into place over time and as she loses more teeth.


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