Doodles: My New Favorite Coloring Book


I bought this book for my kids with a gift certificate Brett gave me a few weeks ago. I pulled it out a few days ago when Luca was suffering a slow death of boredom and she loves it! It is full of simple drawings with simple instructions on each one…like a picture of a tree with leaves and instructions to fill the branches with fruit. There is one with the page covered in a big fish net and it asks you to fill it the net with fish. There are several pages with simple figures of people and dialogue bubbles to create a story.

Luca had been working on several pages tonight and when she was done I went through to see what she had done. It became clear that she had stopped reading the directions and just used her imagination when I came to a page with two kids with no clothes on and the directions were to draw some fancy clothes on them. They are simple figures barely more detailed than stick figures. I had to put my hand over my mouth so I wouldn’t burst out in laughter as I noticed that instead of clothing them she had filled in their anatomy. sigh.

This is a really fun book that I would recommend. I don’t know if I would have paid the full price of $19.95, but it was worth $13.57 (especially with a gift certificate!) My plan is to let the kids fill it up and put their names on the pages that they do and stick it in their box of artwork and writing that I save. When it is full I am sure I will order one of the other books in the series like this one.

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