My New Music Addiction — Pandora

Brett introduced me to Pandora yesterday and I am totally hooked! You type in an artist you like or a genre of music and it starts a “radio station” for you with that artist and other similar artists. You can skip ahead if you don’t like the song that is playing, but I haven’t run into that problem yet. You can also pause, but you can’t go back and it doesn’t save your play list from what I can tell…although it does save the “station”.

I was in a mellow mood yesterday and typed in “Josh Grobin” as the artist and had a play list of beautiful soothing music to listen to all afternoon. Today I tried “Jill Sobule” and loved the music it put together for me. I had it playing all day. I just tried “Alison Krauss” and I am sure I will love that one as well. I think tomorrow I will try to get a good up tempo one started. Definitely going to try “Jack Johnson”. Love this!

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