Valentines Day At The Nordquist Home

With two kids in preschool and one in first grade we had 68 valentines to make this year for the kids classes. I found some simple ideas on Familyfun and we spent the last two nights cutting, gluing, writing, and chatting. It was fun! I didn’t get a picture of Anna’s, but I think they turned out cute. The background was similar to Luca’s, but it said, “You make my heart glow” and we punched a hole and strung a glow bracelet through it. We were going to do this for Luca as well, but I decided that bracelets would have lost too much of their glow by the time they handed them out this afternoon. Boy am I glad they picked simple ones to make! Luca helped with all of them and she picked the colors and patterns for hers. I think she did a good job!

These were Luca’s

luca valentine

luca valentine 2

And this is what Lincoln picked out to make

lincoln valentine

Here are the kids eating their pink heart pancakes this morning. I thought food coloring had no taste, but I took one bite of my pancake and it tasted like I had put a squirt of hairspray in it. The kids didn’t seem to mind.

luca breakfast

Luca is a happy chatty girl in the mornings and she is almost always the first one awake.

linc breakfast

Lincoln is not a morning person and is a little crabby when we wake him up like we did this morning.

anna breakfast

Anna is silly from the minute she wakes up until the minute she falls asleep, which she desperately tries to never do.

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