Baby Bjorn Bouncy Seat


I have been wanting to get a bouncy seat since Kai was born in November. I would have bought the Boppy seat on several occasions when I was looking for a seat at Target, but they only ever had the pink one available. My sister has the Boppy seat and has really liked it. All the other seats I saw at Target were just too much. They had busy patterns, bright plastic toys, music, and most of them vibrated and required batteries. Brett and and I have pretty simple taste so when I saw the Bjorn bouncy seat I feel in love with it. Unfortunately it was twice at much as any other seat I was looking at so I decided to wait.

I must have talked about it a lot because when Brett ordered our stroller on a couple of weeks ago he surprised me and ordered the seat as well. I LOVE it! It was worth the extra cost. It is simple and good looking. The wooden bears on the toy bar are cute and easy for Kai to play with. It lightly bounces easily with his normal movements. He is a busy boy so he is good at keeping it moving! It is easy to set it up next to our computers and gently bounce it with a foot until he falls asleep. It has three settings for the angle. If we are trying get Kai to sleep we will set it on the lowest which has him laying nearly flat. We use the next setting the most as it raises him enough that he can get a good view of what is going on around him. When he is bigger and has good neck control we will try the highest incline setting. The only downside is you can’t adjust the height with a baby in the seat, but that isn’t a big deal to me. Albeebaby had the best price I have found at $87.99.

I have to admit, the first night after we had it and Kai had been enjoying it off and on during the day, I glanced down at him drifting off to sleep next to my computer chair. I had this little moment of panic and I had to scoop him up and let him fall asleep in my arms. I am going to be careful not to let the seat take the place of me! I love to cuddle and rock and hug my boy and I will continue to do it as often as I can! But it is nice to be able to do some laundry or play with the other kids while he is happily watching from his seat.

kai bouncy

Kai bouncy 2

Does life get any better than this? (I was cold this day so Kai had to wear his coat all day)

Kai bouncy sleepy

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